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Make your smart home smarter

IoT Drivers

Providing a Complete Suite of Control4 IoT drivers

Lighting, Switches & Buttons

Compatible with a variety of smart lights range such as:

  • Sonoff

  • LIFX

All light drivers are compatible with Control4 Lighting scene.

integration with wide range of IoT devices:

  • Sonoff & Sonoff DIY range.

  • Shelly IOT relays & Dimmers running Tasmota.

  • Flic smart buttons.


Integration with other platforms

Bi-directional integration with your other home automation platforms and other online services:



Audio & Video

Integration with a wide range of Audio & Video devices such as Humax, SkyQ, NowTV.

Organize your library with Berto Kodi driver and convert your living room into a real theater with Berto BenQ projectors driver.

Extra Berto Cloud features:


  • The Berto Web Server driver provides a simple HTTP server that can serve requests to interrogate your system and also update variables to trigger events.

  • The Berto WebView driver provides a UI button that can be associated connected to an IOT Dimmer, Light or Generic driver which will allow the web interface of the IOT device to be selected on a T3 Touchscreen.

  • The Berto Cloud driver provides a free email service and also lets you use your own email server.
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