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Berto Cloud


The Berto Cloud driver is the master driver for all other Berto drivers. The driver provides integration services to MQTT brokers that is used by other Berto drivers and also sending of simple email messages, including attachments, using the Berto Mail service.

In order to see all available drivers and gain additional features, you need to create a Berto account which your system is linked to. To create an account you must first enter your email address in the Email Address property then take the "Create or Verify account" action from the Actions tab. This will generate a Link Code which is emailed to your email address. Enter code in the "Enter Link Code" action. If you do not have an account one will be created for you automatically otherwise your existing account will be found using your email address.

Linking your system to an account is optional but required to use some fo the free Berto services such as simple email messaging. When you system is linked to an account the Menu property will be available which, at the base service level, provides a Service menu.

The Service menu provides 8 additional options:

  • System Check In - Login in to the Berto Cloud service to retrieve the drivers available for your system along with your service and subscription levels.

  • List Installed Drivers - List all installed drivers for you system.

  • List Available Drivers - List all available drivers and the download URL.

  • Validate All Drivers - Validate all Berto installed drivers and remove no longer supported versions.

  • Upgrade All Drivers - Upgrade all Berto installed drivers to the latest release.

  • In Place Upgrade - Upgrade all Berto installed drivers using direct download. Requires a reboot to reload drivers.

  • Restart Director - Restart Director process.

  • Reset Remote Access - Reset OpenVPN Server configuration. (Service Level 1 or above only).

You can also setup an OpenVPN server on your system and can then set individual clients up to access your network using the Berto_Profile driver. The OpenVPN server listens on UDP port 2194 so you will need to configure a port forward NAT on your router to point to your this port on your system. To enable the OpenVPN server you need to upgrade to Service Level 1 and then create a configuration using the Reset Remote Access option under Menu property. Once the configuration has been created it can be enabled and disabled from the Enable Remote Access property or the UI button on any Navigator screen.


  • System Id - System Identification address used when setting up external services such as IFTTT and Google Assistant.

  • Service Level - System service level which defines the features active across the Berto platform for your system.

  • Email Address - Email address used as From address when sending emails and also by the account registation service.

  • Account - Account code associated with the system. Configured from the Actions tab.

  • Subscription Plan - Subscription plan that system is on.

  • Subscription Level - Subscription level associated with the system (Basic or Premium).

  • Subscription Expiry - Date the systems subscription is due to expire. (Premium only).

  • Notification - System notification messages.

  • Enable Berto Dynamic DNS - Creates a hostname entry in the Berto DNS for use with the OpenVPN server in the event you do have not a static IP address or your own dynamic DNS service. The hostname created will be used in the OpenVPN client configurations.

  • Berto Dynamic DNS Hostname - Display only field showing the Berto DNS hostname created.

  • Hostname - The external hostname or IP address to be used for the OpenVPN server if not using the Berto Dynamic DNS service.

  • Remote Access Network - This is the subnet used by the OpenVPN server. Clients are issued IP addresses from this subnet when they connect. Requires Service Level 1 or above.

  • Enable Custom Mail Server - Enable use of your oen mail server.

  • Mail Server - The mail server address.

  • Username - Mail server account username.

  • Password - Mail server account password.

  • Friendly Name - From display name.

  • Enable Remote Access - Start/Stop the Remote Access Server. (Service Level 1+ only).

  • Enable Watchdog - Starts a watchdog timer in background that monitors the system specifically the state of the "director" process and in the event that the system becomes unresponsive the "director" is restarted. (Service Level 1+ only).

  • Release Branch - Driver download source, can be either Production or Beta.

  • Menu - Provides additional features based on the Service and Subscriptions Levels of the system. You need to create an account and link you system to it for the menu to be available.


  • Create Or Verify Account - Start an account verification with the Berto Cloud services. A 4 digit link code with be sent to the email address setup in Properties which is to be used in the Enter Link Code action.

  • Enter Link Code - Entering the link code received in the email verification will associate the system to your account.

  • Test Mail - Send a test email using the Berto mail server or your own mail server if enabled.





  • Selected - Event triggered when the UI button is selected from any Navigator screen



  • EXECUTE_COMMAND - Allows the execution of any system command on the local controller eg. reboot to reboot or halt to shutdown system.

  • SEND_MAIL - Sends a simple email message using the Berto mail server or your own mail server if enabled.



Release Notes

v1.00 - 2020-03-15

  • Initial Premium Release.


v1.10 - 2020-03-29

  • Auto Update changed to be managed via the Auto Update Time specified in the Berto Cloud driver.


v1.11 - 2020-04-17

  • Added Console option to Debug Mode property to allow for external logging output.


v1.12 - 2020-05-15

  • Added Release Branch property to add support for the selection of Production or Beta development branch.


v1.13 - 2020-05-27

  • Fixed issue with Update All option using Production branch even when set to Beta.


v1.14 - 2020-05-31

  • Added support to send attachments from a URL location.


v1.15 - 2020-06-05

  • Added support to use your own custom mail server replacing the need for the Berto Mail driver.

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