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Berto IOT Dimmer


The Berto IOT Dimmer driver allows connection of IoT Color and Dimmer devices. Messaging to and from the device is managed by the Berto IoT Gateway. If the device has a custom webview user interface then this can be connected to a Berto WebView driver, from connections, which provides a UI button that can be used to access the webview from a T3 touchscreen.


The Berto IOT Gateway needs to be installed in your project.



  • Device - The selected IoT device to be used by the driver.

  • Address - IP Address of the device.

  • Model - Model of device.

  • Manufacturer - Manufacturer of device.

  • MAC Address - MAC Address device.

  • Firmware - Firmware version installed on the device.

  • Channel - Light channel used for multi-channel devices.

  • Level - Current light level.

  • Red - Current Red level (Color lights only).

  • Green - Current Red level (Color lights only).

  • Blue - Current Red level (Color lights only).

  • White - Current Red level (Color lights only).

  • Hue - Current hue level (Color lights only).

  • Saturation - Current saturation level (Color lights only).

  • Temperature - Current temperature level (Color lights only).

  • Effect - Current special light effect (Color lights only).

  • Input 1-8 - Current state of an input switch.


Release Notes


v1.00 - 2020-06-05

  • Initial Release.

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